Overstock: Ella in Tangerine

Overstock: Ella in Tangerine

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  • Version 3 bag
  • Material is faux leather with metal accents
  • The bag is 7.5" tall, 9" long, and 4" wide
  • The strap is 56" long, 1" wide, detachable and adjustable
  • Keychain is not included
  • The bag has a magnetic closure with a heart emblem
  • The divider can be repositioned using attached hook and loop.
  • This product is patent pending. 
  • Original bag design by Kate Gabrielle

Some things to keep in mind

  • Do not use this bag to hold hot drinks.
  • Colors may appear different on each computer monitor or phone screen.
  • The lining is waterproof, but we recommend using a neoprene sleeve on non-insulated cups to prevent condensation.
  • Make sure the lid on your drink is secure before placing it in the bag.
  • Don't cry over spilled milk. We are not responsible for spilled beverages.
  • Coupon codes are not eligible on this item.

Why Ella? This bag was named after Judy Holliday's character in one of my favorite films, Bells are Ringing. When she pulled a full cup of coffee out of her tiny handbag I knew I had to pay homage to her kind and quirky Ella Peterson when naming this bag. The sister design, featuring a larger storage compartment and zipper closure, is named after her alter-ego, Melisande Scott.

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